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Jacques’ ordered to remain closed until the next hearing



Jacques'. Photo by David Day

Jacques’ has been ordered to remain closed until an additional hearing on Friday.

Chancellor Debra Giles, of the 9th District Chancery Court ordered Jacques’ to remain closed until Friday, which is when the next hearing will take place in Sunflower County at 1:30 p.m.

The City of Vicksburg is currently attempting to shutdown the nightclub that has multiple incidents occur in or around the facility, such as the July 5 shooting in the parking lot of Jacques’ and The Mulberry, which involved four guns discharging as many as 117 rounds and causing extensive damage but no injuries, the city’s authorities took action. On July 10, they demanded a safety memorandum from both establishments.

Although The Mulberry complied, Jacques’ did not. This led to a proposal to shut down Jacques’, filed by the city on July 25. The filing was 550 pages, according to Allen. The filing was against Jay Parmegiani, Kara Parmegiani, the Refined South Restaurant Group, LLC (owned by Parmegiani), and Bellamare Development, LLC, which owns The Mulberry.

Jacques’ and its parking lot have been involved in two shootings since May 6 of this year. The first wounded 4 security guards for Jacques’. Warrants were issued for that shooting.

Recently, another altercation was reported at the establishment involving a 20-year-old. According to Police Chief Penny Jones, the Vicksburg Police Department was not called to the scene; they were made aware of the incident the day after.

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