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Juice Life is on a mission



juice life
(Photo by David Day)
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A new type of eatery has opened in Vicksburg and the community is just finding out about the healthy options offered there.

Juice Life is right next door to Morgan’s Bestway on Halls Ferry Road.

The unique restaurant was opened by Lee and Jason Moulder last December. The menu is raw, vegan-based and everything is made from scratch on-site. Raw vegan foods exclude all animal matter and avoid cooking items over a certain temperature so as to preserve the vitamins and nutrients in the food. When you get an item from Juice Life, you are getting a product that provides all the nutrients and health benefits possible.

Juice Life owners Jason and Lee Moulder.

The Moulders believe the time is right for Vicksburg to join the rest of America in turning to a healthier lifestyle.

The Acai Bowl is the number one seller at Juice Life, and for good reasons (photo by David Day who then ate every bite).

The most popular item on the menu is the Acai Bowl. Acai is a South American palm tree that produces a berry popular among the health-conscious crowd due to its purported health benefits. Proponents of acai note it is loaded with antioxidants, may help lower cholesterol and offer a host of other health benefits for the body.

Operating any restaurant is tough and opening in the middle of a pandemic offers a special challenge, but the Moulders believe divine providence is on their side. After all the bills are paid at Juice Life, the Moulders use a percentage of their profits to fund Beautiful Deliverance Outreach, a religious-based home for people rebuilding their lives.

The Moulders have formed a network of people to assist men, women and children who come to them for help. They often open their homes to people overcoming abuse, addiction and poverty.

“Sometimes the mom can beat the addiction and their lives will come back together for them and their children. Other times they leave the children with us. We take them. We take them all,” said a compassionate Lee Moulder.

“At Juice Life we are trying to make a living, but for us, living includes helping others in our community,” added Jason.

Juice Life is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 6 p.m. and 9 to 6 on Saturdays. They are closed on Sunday. Their Facebook page is here and the full menu is posted below.

By dining at Juice Life, you are making an investment into your own physical health with their nutritional and delicious fare. You are making a contribution to our community and to the countless others whose lives are improved by knowing the Moulders.

Juice Life menu taken by David Day

Juice Life menu taken by David Day



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