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Juicy Fruits LLC: How one woman’s passion became a successful business



Trina Lloyd
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Trina Lloyd, 29, is a young, local mother who took a chance on fruit, found her passion and built a business from the ground up.

Lloyd spends much of her free time expressing creativity through the art of arranging fruit. She has become successful over the last two years captivating locals with her edible displays. She gives her thanks to God and networking after having garnered waves of attention. Her story inspires those wishing to venture onto their own small business journeys as she encourages others to go for what they love to do without hesitation.

“Juicy Fruits officially became a business in 2020. That’s when I got the LLC.,” Lloyd began. Her interest in designing arrangements, however, started much earlier in her life. “My mom used to work down at L.D.’s and they did a lot of catering. (As a child,) I used to watch what they did with the fruits. They were always doing something different. One day I just tried it for myself and fell in love with it,” she went on.

Lloyd was inspired by learning from her family in the kitchen of a beloved southern restaurant. When asked what inspired her the most she said, “Watching them as a child and honestly the good Lord. The good Lord has blessed me with the vision. It’s one of those things where I can’t write it down, I just do it. It’s just something I really enjoy doing”

Does Lloyd ever plan to make this her full-time business? She isn’t sure just yet. Her plate is full between raising a vibrant daughter and managing Vapor World, among other endeavors such as hosting Wine Down Wednesdays for local entertainment. “Maybe one day if I see fit I’ll make it full time. I actually just enjoy doing this on the side.”

Although this may be a side hustle for Lloyd, it keeps her calendar full. Juicy Fruits has become quite popular. Lloyd says the key to growing her business has been networking. “Social media and word of mouth are how it grew. I did it once for my niece’s graduation, then a gender reveal, a party, just playing around to see what I can do. Ever since then it blew up.”

Although starting one’s own business can seem intimidating, Lloyd has nothing but gratitude for taking the leap. “It was a blessing in disguise because I never thought I would be doing this. I have been busy, especially this time of the year with weddings, bridal showers and parties. I wouldn’t trade any of it though. I’ve been so blessed.”

Lloyd offers her advice to people everywhere who want to start their own small businesses selling homemade products. “Spend money to make money, utilize social media and don’t underestimate word of mouth.”

Trina Lloyd
Trina Lloyd

She also mentioned taking advantage of local outlets such as renting a booth at the Farmer’s Market or looking into pop-up shops. “Pop-up shops are where they have all small businesses. They sell food, clothes, etc. There are different things that they have, you’ve just gotta catch them.” Levee Street Market Place may be a good example of the type of venue that sells goods made by local vendors.

Lastly, Lloyd added some words of affirmation to those who still question their ability to pursue their own passions. “Don’t doubt yourself. Write everything down and get to it.”

She encourages others to do what makes them feel happiest. “If you know what you love, do what you love. Your product will speak for itself.” Lloyd is confident in her craft because it gives her joy just to do the work. “It starts with your interest in it. When you love what you do, everything else falls into place.”

For more information on Juicy Fruits LLC. and ordering arrangements, you can contact Trina Lloyd at 601-630-7534 or via her email,

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