Junior Prep girls basketball results


YMCA Junior prep girls’ basketball teams played three games on Monday.

Game 1:

The Grizzlys defeated the Flashes in a close game with a final score of 13-10.

Malaynia Smith put up seven points and Annalise Henry added four in the win.

Lynlee McMillin scored six points for the Flashes and Reese Lyons put up four on the night.

Game 2:

The Boltz got a 25-20 win over the Bobcats. Evie Gattle scored 17 points.

Olivia Wade managed to put up three points in the win for the Bobcats.

Kaleigh Bell led the Bobcats with 11 points while Marianna Hunter and Sicily Smith both added three points each.

Game 3:

The Bears defeated the Jaguars 23-6 on Monday. Addyson Hardaway led with nine points, followed by Laney Bennett who added seven.

Shania Smith was the lead scorer for the Jags, scoring six points.