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Kappa Alpha Psi to host high-school voter registration march



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This week the United States of America is celebrating National Voter Registration Week with events to help register people to vote and to encourage everyone to make the trip to the polls during election season. 

Vicksburg is no different. This Friday, Sept. 27, the Vicksburg Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. will be hosting a Voters March and Registration at Vicksburg High School.

This event is the first of a two part initiative to increase the number of voters.

“We have a couple of elected officials in our chapter and brothers that work in the government,” said LaDarion Ammons of Kappa Alpha Psi. “Last year during the senate run-off election, we attempted to do rides to the polls or what we called ‘Souls to the Polls.’ The turnout wasn’t the best, and so a national initiative for Kappa Alpha Psi deals with voting and registering people to vote and making sure that people get to the polls and vote.

“We discussed how we could make a bigger impact and thought about high schools who have students who are or will be turning 18 before November the fifth and decided to register them to vote.”

In line with one of their organization’s objectives, the local fraternity understands the importance of voting and is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with young people in Vicksburg.

“When I registered to vote it was because I had to in order to get my license,” he said. “These students will be able to register with their friends and peers, so they’ll look forward to it.”

In the future, the fraternity has plans to do more voter registration drives to eventually make registering to vote and voting an exciting experience for all students.

“Our plan right now is to come back in the spring and get the other students who weren’t eligible to register now, then,” Ammons said.

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