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Best of Vicksburg

Kay McDaniel wins Best Nurse Practitioner in Best of Vicksburg 2020



(photo by David Day)

Kay McDaniel has spent the last 17 years dedicating herself to caring for Vicksburg residents with the team at Mission Primary Care Clinic.

Kay says she loves her job, but the best part is the relationships she has developed with patients over the years. “I just always enjoyed taking care of people,” she said.

Her career began as a nurse in the emergency room, where she worked for eight years. She continued her schooling and training to become a nurse practitioner, enabling her to help even more people.

The people she has dedicated her life to caring for showed their appreciation by voting her Vicksburg’s Best Nurse Practitioner.

In the age of COVID-19, recognizing and appreciating those that work in health care, like Kay, is the least we can do.

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