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Kendrick Ferguson is becoming a sports betting king



Kendrick Ferguson (with permission)

Vicksburg native Kendrick Ferguson is now a king in the sports betting world, where he has become very profitable, and now he is helping others win when it comes to betting on sports with his new company G.O.A.T Picks.

Ferguson began sports betting on his own three years ago in 2018. He quickly began hitting at a consistent rate and was winning as much as $900 in a day.

Although 2018 and 2019 were good years in sports betting for Ferguson, it would be 2020 and 2021 that would put him on the map. He once won winning tickets for two weeks in a row, which helped him win some major cash.

After many people heard how Ferguson was continuing to win, he decided to start selling picks where individuals could pay him for helping them pick teams to bet on during sports season.

Today, Ferguson deals with over 500 people on a daily basis who contact and pay him for his services. One of Ferguson’s clients made $15,000 while another won $12,000.

In the year 2021 alone, Ferguson has made over $160,000 himself from his own personal betting and from individuals choosing to bet with G.O.A.T Picks, which is huge for a local man who first started getting clients from word of mouth.

Now that Ferguson has a well established business, he plans to expand the G.O.A.T Picks brand to include a trucking business, podcast, real estate, clothing, apparel and many more exciting things he has in the works. His goal is to make his brand a multi-million dollar business while helping others to get money along the way.

Many betters win while working with Ferguson, and he usually offers deals such as four picks for $50. He is also known for giving free picks to clients who don’t win on that day.

Ferguson has clients all over the U.S these days including in California, Texas, Las Vegas and many more big name places. He hasn’t worked a full-time job in over two years now due to his massive success.

Ferguson is always open to more clients, so if you’re interested in his services you can reach out to him on Facebook or Instagram.
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