KFC now offers plant-based chicken


Kentucky Fried Chicken is now serving Beyond Plant-Based Chicken at all locations, including Vicksburg.

KFC first launched the meatless fried chicken in Atlanta Georgia back in 2019. The nuggets completely sold out within 5 hours. A few more locations tested the product in 2020 with staggering results. The high demand for the pea-protein based “chicken” led to a country-wide launch on January 10. All U.S. based KFC locations now offer Beyond Fried Chicken.

People hoping to evolve their diet and consume less meat will now have one more option to add to the menu. While fast food doesn’t exactly translate into the healthy food category, it’s still a positive expansion. It’s a change for not only the chain restaurant but also for the citizens of Vicksburg who’ve been struggling to enjoy a plant-based diet in a primarily meat-based city.

The new product is only being offered at this time “while supplies last.” So there is no real way to know how long the option to try it will be available. Presumably, if it does well, it may be here to stay. The flavor has been described as well seasoned and meaty. In a taste comparison test, it comes quite close to the flavor of KFC’s signature chicken. The nuggets are thick, juicy, and impressive for a vegan meat replacement.

The plant-based chicken, while containing no meat, is not prepared in a vegan-friendly way. This could mean that it is fried in the same oil as the real chicken or that perhaps the breading is prepared with milk. The reasoning is not entirely known on that, but for strict vegans, this wouldn’t be an ideal option. It does, however, open the door and pave a path for more options of this kind to become available in the future.

With enough demand for menus that don’t revolve around meat alone, things like Beyond Fried Chicken could maintain a more permanent existence.

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