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Kimble Slaton steps down from Vicksburg Warren School district Board



Kimble Slaton

This Thursday the Vicksburg Warren School District Board heard and accepted the resignation of Board President Kimble Slaton.

“My wife and I are moving out of district 4,” began Slaton somberly. “It’s breaking my heart cause when I got on this Board, I had no idea what I was doing. Ive learned a lot about the ins and outs and have gained a significant amount of friends within this district, with this Board, their families, and everyone else. The saddest part about this is going to be watching it from the side-lines.”

Slaton continued, officially stating, “At this time I am resigning my position as Board President and as the Board of Trustee for District 4″

After this, Slaton mentioned his choice candidate for his own replacement, “I’m not going to name her right now, ya’ll know who she is, but my recommendation is based on a lot of prayer and a lot of diligence to find someone that compliments the Board and will put the mother back in the Board. We lost a lot of insight when Mrs. Bullard rolled off because you’ve got 5 men and I think you need that anchor woman to keep the ball rolling and keep us all straight.”

“And she’s got a little youth on us,” added Slaton lightheartedly.

Slaton continued hopefully, “I thank y’all for your understanding and for your patience with me as I learned through this and, Lord willing, maybe someday I might come back in a different capacity or, as a different Board is assembled, I might be a part of it; we’ll see.

After this, Board member Bryan Pratt extended his gratitude, “I think I’m speaking for everyone on here that we have truly grown since you’ve been on the Board;, you’ve brought to the Board a different perspective, you have calmed us down at times to focus on the real issues… you have served us well on the Board and I want to personally thank you.”

“I want to thank Mr. Slaton for doing a great job over these years,” added Vice President Joe Loviza.

A motion was made to accept the resignation and the Board voted aye unanimously.

“Kimble… you’ve done a great job since you’ve come on the Board,” added Board member J.E. Stirgus. “I’m grateful they’ve picked you and I’ve gained a new friend.”

“I thank everybody for letting me serve in this position,” concluded Slaton.

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