A close match between Vicksburg and Warren Central High School softball teams occurred on Tuesday on Highway 27. The Lady Vikes came out with a 6-2 win as the Missy Gators earned their respect by putting up a fight.

KeKe McKay
KeKe McKay and Avery VanNorman: Photo by Richard Miller

Neither team got on the board until the third inning when Trinity McGloster hit a double which allowed MaKynzie Dunmore to earn the first run. WC responded with four runs of their own after a double from Makayla Jackson, a single from Tyra Bridges, an RBI by Maddy Pant, and the final run came from an error by VHS.

Sarah Cameron Fancher picked up a run from an error in the fourth inning. After a hit by Dunmore in the fifth, the Missy Gators grabbed their second run of the night once Zion Harvey hit a single to put the score at 5-2.

Sc Fancher sliding
Sarah Cameron Fancher and Jamia Grace: Photo by Richard Miller

Jenn Smith hit a single RBI to bring in the final run of the night as WC took home the 6-2 victory.

Jackson hit a double and went 2 for 4 while Bridges also went 2 for 4 with one RBI. Jenn Smith also had a hit(1 RBI).

For VHS, Camden McGloster, Dunmore, and Harvey(1 RBI) each finished with a hit.

Lili Kistler struck out two batters and Maddy Pant struck out eight.