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Let’s keep it an all-way stop



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On Oct. 2, an 18-wheeler snagged the power lines at Cherry Street where it turns into Halls Ferry Road. That took out the three traffic lights at that intersection.


As a stop gap, the city put up stop signs making it an all-way stop intersection.

After numerous trips through there at various times of day, it seems to this observer that the intersection should remain an all-way stop. I’ve never seen traffic flow any smoother through that intersection than it does today.

Of course, the concern is always safety first, and I am not an expert on what is the safest configuration for that intersection. Harris Street comes in from the west there and has the least amount of traffic. If you are heading south, Cherry Street continues southwest and becomes one way. To the southeast, the road goes into Marcus Bottom and becomes Halls Ferry Road. Even at rush hour (such as it is in Vicksburg) that intersection flows smoothly.

One person sent us a message and suggested that people are not stopping since they put up the stop signs. But it seems no different to me than when it was a light. Some people are just that way and no light or stop sign will matter a whole lot to them.

Vicksburg famously doesn’t like change, and this may be one more of those situations where people just want things to be the way they’ve always been.

The savings to the city in powering the intersection, plus saving the cost of purchasing, installing and then maintaining the lights is an added argument to not putting those lights back in.

If we can stay safe and save a little money too, let’s do it.

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