Life Has A Funny Way of Coming Full Circle

Life Has A Funny Way of Coming Full Circle


By: Tommy Parker

   As most of you who have followed Vicksburg Daily News since the beginning know,I helped start the site with the late Chris Whittington. We had some philosophical differences on content and I did my own thing for about a year as Vicksburg Online News. I came to the realization that pursuing news was an expensive undertaking.

   In late 2013 I joined WVBG as their primary news person. Their news person lives in another state. After Dailon Huskey departed for The Radio People, I took over his duties as Operations Manager. Earlier this year I came to the realization that working for Mr. and Mrs Jones was not where I needed to be. The situation was no longer in my best interest from a mental and physical health situation.

   The morning I announced it,David Day was at the radio station in less than twenty minutes. He was there out of true concern for my well being and I will always appreciate that.

   David and I have had an unusual on and off friendship and have had some heated disagreements through the years. But we both share a passion for a Vicksburg/Warren County. We both want to see our community and the businesses here prosper.

   We have had numerous discussions over the past few weeks about the direction of Vicksburg particularly coming out of our recent municipal election. David had me so messed up in one of these discussions that I was quoting Hillary Clinton as part of my argument that it “Takes A Village To Raise A Child”.

   So this is my reintroduction to VDN. I feel like quoting George W. Bush and saying “Did You Miss Me Yet”? David and I have a few things working for VDN and other types of avenues to bring you information. This town needs the outlet for correct,timely information. I thing I have proven myself as a great resource in being a conduit for our public officials to get the correct message out on more than one occasion.

   Earlier today, David published his editorial on the situation with Chief Armstrong and the incoming administration. My article on this will be published in the morning.

   Thanks for reading and stay tuned!