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Mae Mae’s 80th Birthday Party, One Month Later




th Birthday Party.  Family and friends from Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida and something between 200 and 2,000 people from around the ‘burg showed up for the big event.  Mae Mae was especially proud to be the first to use the new Farrell Hall at her church, St. Paul’s Catholic in downtown Vicksburg. Mae Mae has always been a party girl.  Her father was a traveling salesman and he said he didn’t like to miss even one minute with Mary Lou when he was home on the week-ends. He also didn’t want to miss a party either!  As a result he started taking Mary Lou to cocktail parties when she was a baby.  She grew up enjoying a good party with good friends, good food, good conversation and good drinks.  Thus the Baptist Punch and the Catholic Punch at her 80th Birthday celebration. When the party preparations began, almost six-months ago, no one could predict the importance of this celebration of Mae Mae’s life.  Just since January, two of Mary Lou’s cousins have passed away; both Fr. John Vollor and Fr. Billy Vollor.  These two priests were powerhouses in the Catholic community in MS but they were also important in our family. With no siblings of her own, Mary Lou has always been close to her cousins.  These losses reinforce the importance of celebrating milestones in a Mae Mae way; with lots of lightness, laughter and love. Thanks to all who helped prepare for these festivities, especially our good friend Jo Gayle Reeves and her good friends (and now ours), Paul Vanderberry and Cynthia Piazza Strawn.  Thanks too to everyone who honored Mae Mae with their attendance.  Enjoy comments from one of the guests:

“Pleeeeease put me on the guest list for Mae Mae’s 81st.  I am going to start to rest up for the occasion right now!   What a beautiful celebration for a beautiful person.  Mae Mae is so full of energy, wit and grace.  I am still smiling when I think of my time in Vicksburg.  How do y”all keep up with her?”  Sarah Schantz, Phoenix, AZ
Now we are starting to plan for her 81st!]]]]> ]]>

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