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Man rescued from Vicksburg’s muddy banks of the Mississippi



A man found himself stuck in the mud on the banks of the Mississippi River. Luckily, help was nearby.

A video reel posted on social media by Vicksburg resident Sandy Cunningham Stegbauer, on Monday, showed a man, not identified, stuck along the Vicksburg bank of the Mississippi River.

According to Stegbaur, the man was kayaking and pulled into the bank, not realizing it was a terrible place to make the landing.

“We was leaving but watching him, when we reached the concrete it was obvious he needed help,” said Stegbaur.

Stegbaur stated Ashlee Bagby Steele asked if the man needed assistance, to which he responded, “please.”

“Her and Jax [Steele] attempted to pull him out!! The family from Hazlehurst was watching them already, and asked them to help,” said Stegbaur.

Stegbaur provided Vicksburg Daily News with the entire video, showing the man’s rescue. Luckily, he was quickly freed from the mud and pulled his Kayak in. If the scenario played out at a different time, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Recent low levels of the Mississippi River Low have caused portions to temporarily close, grounding barges and backing up shipping traffic.

On Oct. 11, Warren County Martin Pace issued a caution to those seeking recreation along the Mississippi River.

As of noon on Monday, The National Weather Service placed the river at -.29 ft., well below the flood stage of 43 ft. Caution should be used for any activities along the River.

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