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Mar. 11 is National Johnny Appleseed Day



National Johnny Appleseed Day

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People across the United States are celebrating National Johnny Appleseed Day today, Mar. 11. This day honors the legendary American pioneer, John Chapman, who is famously known as Johnny Appleseed for his contribution to the planting of apple trees.

Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, in 1774 and dedicated his life to spreading the joy of apple cultivation across the country. He traveled extensively, planting apple trees in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and other states, and he became a symbol of American frontier life.

On National Johnny Appleseed Day, people commemorate his legacy by planting apple trees, holding apple-themed events and sharing stories about his life. Schools across the country also celebrate this day by teaching students about Johnny Appleseed and the importance of agriculture.

Many apple orchards and farms offer special events and tours on this day, allowing visitors to experience the joy of apple picking and learn about the history of Johnny Appleseed. Some cities also organize parades and festivals, with apple-themed decorations, food and drinks.

National Johnny Appleseed Day is not just about celebrating a historical figure, but it is also a reminder of the importance of nature and sustainability.

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