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MDOT, I love you, but…



MDOT, I love you
Photo of the two massive cranes brought in to remove the fire damaged crane. Photo by Chuck Tate.

MDOT has a tough job.

On Tuesday that tough job included removing a very large crane that caught fire on Monday afternoon. That crane spent the night near the Bovina exit.

It could have spent another night or day there and not really hurt anything.

MDOT, I have great respect for what you do and the challenges you face. You have one of those thankless jobs.

But, MDOT, is it possible you could have done that work in the early morning? If you would have started that project at, let’s say midnight on Tuesday, the amount of traffic would have been, what? 25% of what it was in the middle of the day?

Traffic in Vicksburg was backed up across the Mississippi River Bridge into Louisiana for the better part of the day on Tuesday. Traffic in east Vicksburg was jammed up near Hwy 80 and Hwy 27. Clay Street, both Frontage Roads and 61 North were impacted all day. Law enforcement units from MDOT, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the Vicksburg Police Department spent their afternoon directing traffic down Hwy 80.

It was a nightmare.

I hope there is a good reason you do that kind of thing in the daytime. But if it is at all possible, can we move that work to the nighttime and interrupt the life of a few people instead of an entire community and thousands of travelers?


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