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Meet the valedictorian: Chaney Parman of Warren Central High School



Chaney Parman
Chaney Parman: Photo by Keith Phillips

Chaney Parman was recently named the Class of 2023 valedictorian of Warren Central High School.

Parman, a Vicksburg native, attended Bowmar Elementary in her younger days where grades were just as important to her then as they are today.

“If you were to have a conversation with my parents in elementary school, they would tell you that they never really had to push me because I had that personal drive,” Parman said.

Before leaving elementary school, Parman created memories that reflected on field day.

“The main thing I think about is field day because Bowmar is notorious for its competitive side of field day, and it was the most fun,” Parman said.

Parman went on to attend the Academy of Innovation for Junior High, and then she attended Warren Central as a freshman.

As COVID-19 hit, Parman began striving to be at the top of her class toward the end of her sophomore year when students were given the option to be present at school. She managed to keep her grades up at all times and did whatever it took to stay at the top.

“Prioritizing was really important because it’s easy to fall into bad habits and behaviors, but keeping my academics up was definitely worth it,” she said.

Parman mentioned that “finding her people” was one of the most difficult things she faced in high school.

“Going back and looking at my different friend groups is astonishing because it took me four years to find my people, and I think it’s really special in a sense,” Parman added.

Parman was a cheerleader throughout high school, and just a few days before graduation, she was alerted that she was the valedictorian of her class and only had two days to complete her speech.

warren central Chaney Parman

Chaney Parman (Photo by Keith Phillips)

“For the most part, we knew who the top four were, and we kinda had a feeling that it would be between me and Mateo (Byrd), but it was hard because when you’re so close with a person who is like 0.01 below you, it’s rough, and you almost feel bad because we took all of the same classes and we are so close. But if there was a way for us to have a co-valedictorian, I would have loved that,” Parman said.

Parman graduated happily with a 4.755-grade point average and has decided to attend the University of Mississippi, where she will major in biomedical engineering before applying to medical school, where she wants to specialize in oncology.

Parman thanked her family for being with her from the beginning, as they were her biggest support system.

Chaney Parman

Family of Chaney Parman: Photo submitted

“My family is my rock and I adore them and I couldn’t do anything without them,” Parman concluded.


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