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Meet the Valedictorian: Grace Windham of St. Aloysius



Grace Windham: Photo by Evan Farrell

Grace Windham recently reached a tremendous goal as she represented St. Aloysius as the class of 2024 Valedictorian. Her academic excellence isn’t anything new or shockingly due to her hard studies as a adolescent.

“I was always at the top in math and science in elementary but in seventh grade at our awards ceremony I remember getting the highest gpa so I kept chasing for it every year after that,” Windham said.

By her sophomore year, Windham saw her chance to be at the top of her class. Although she participated in many activities, Windham knew that her academics is what would take her places.

“My grades are me and they’re going to get me places,” she said. “School was tough but I had some amazing teachers who helped me get through it all.”

Windham noted that Mrs. Dani Kay Thomas, Dawn Meeks, Candice Reeder, Chesley Lambiotte and Danielle Bergeron were the top educators who had a big influence on her high academics throughout her time at the Vicksburg Catholic School.

Throughout her high school years, Grace was a part of the Flashette Dance Team that won nine straight state championships. She was also a captain on the soccer team where she was named MVP.

Just shortly before the 2024 school year ended, Windham received the news that she was the class valedictorian.

Grace Windham: Photo by Keith Phillips

“I was so excited when she called me but I was so nervous because I worked hard and it definitely paid off,” Grace said.

Due to her excellence and hard work, Windham was accepted into Mississippi State University’s Early Entry Program for the College of Veterinary Medicine where only 15 students in the state of Mississippi are chosen for this program, and 30 students nationwide.

Grace has a 4.58 grade point average and she is the daughter of Joey and Allyson Windham.

Grace Windham: Photo by Evan Farrell
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