Meet the valedictorian: Sha’Kyria Allen of Vicksburg High School

Meet the valedictorian: Sha’Kyria Allen of Vicksburg High School


Sha’Kyria Allen was recently named the Vicksburg High class of 2023 valedictorian.

Born and raised in Vicksburg, Allen attended Bowmar Elementary as a child, where achieving high academic standards was something she accomplished in her youth.

“I never really found school to be a struggle, and I always pushed through and made it a top priority,” she said.

As her mother, Lakeshia Allen, ensured that Sha’Kyria maintained good grades, she still managed to create enjoyable memories, with graduation and field day being at the top of the list.

Allen attended the Academy of Innovation in Junior High. In eighth grade, she began making plans to be number one in her class. She enrolled at VHS as a freshman and received two B’s, but quickly got back on track to reach the top of her class.

“When I made those two B’s, I thought it was over,” Allen joked. “Then they introduced me to dual enrollment, and that’s when I became addicted to being the best.”

Although Allen participated in track, cheerleading, and soccer throughout high school, she prioritized her academics, ensuring that her primary goal was achieved.

“I communicated with my coaches and informed them that I needed to do my schoolwork first, as well as my job, and I never let that stress me out because I put my education first,” Allen said.

After nights of intense studying and hard work, Allen’s dream came true when she was named the class valedictorian and graduated on Friday night.

Shy’Kyria Allen
Sha’Kyria Allen: Photo by Ced Tillman

“I felt honored, and it was well-deserved because all of my hard work has paid off,” Allen said.

Allen will soon be heading to Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to major in biology pre-med with the goal of becoming an OBGYN.

Allen expressed gratitude to those who stood by her throughout this journey, especially her mother.

“I just want to thank her for always being there,” Allen said.

Shy’Kyria Allen
Lakeshia Allen and Sha’Kyria Allen: Photo submitted

Allen graduated from high school with a grade point average of 4.481.