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Mississippi chef takes on Hell’s Kitchen



Chef Raneisha Conerly
Chef Raneisha Conerly (Image via Facebook/WLBT)
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Chef Raneisha Conerly, a proud Marion County native with a decade-long culinary career, has stepped into the limelight. She’s set to showcase her culinary prowess on the renowned cooking competition, “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The journey began in 2021 when Conerly came across a tweet asking for applicants for the show. Believing in her skills, she immediately recorded a video submission straight from her bathroom. Not long after, she was thrilled to receive a call confirming her place among the contestants.

Conerly has always been drawn to Gordon Ramsay’s culinary skills. Though known for his explosive temper and harsh remarks, Conerly has a different view. To her, it shows Ramsay’s commitment to his brand and expectations.

“It’s not so much that he’s just this jerk,” Conerly said. “It’s just the fact that this is his business and his brand, and if you want to be a part of his business and brand, he needs you to do it exactly the way he says,” Conerly told WDAM.

Her participation in “Hell’s Kitchen” has skyrocketed her local fame. Simple outings, like grocery shopping or heading to work, have turned into fan interactions. Recognitions and exclamations of “I saw your commercial!” have become the norm for Conerly.

Beyond the TV show’s glamor and recognition, Conerly is passionate about giving back to Mississippi. She aspires to build a legacy in her home state, emphasizing, “If I have no other goal, it’s to be successful in my state and see other people from this state be successful in this state.”

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