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Mississippi man aims to assist in search for missing individuals



Shining Light Search and Rescue
The young man in the center of the photo is searching for his friend just after sunrise. The tornado killed several people in the trailer park behind Chuck's Dairy Bar. Photo by David Day

In Winston County, Mississippi, a man named Steve Jones is making an effort to help find those who have gone missing, WCBI reports. Jones has initiated a non-profit organization named Shining Light Search and Rescue that aims to help provide answers to people for their missing loved ones.

While he has been involved in countless recovery operations as a volunteer firefighter, he has recognized the need to use trained canine crews to find missing people, especially children or those with Alzheimer’s or dementia who may have wandered off. Therefore, Jones has trained his own pets, Sophie and Jake, to follow scent trails and help locate lost people in the woods or even buried underground.

“If I can train a dog to hunt squirrels, rabbits, or game, why not people? So that clicked, and the dogs I use I trained to hunt individuals,” Jones told WCBI.

Jones feels a personal connection to the people he is helping to find and considers them as if they were his own family members. He advises people to let someone know where they are going and when they will be back, as this information could be crucial for his team to locate them.

Furthermore, Jones has taken a step further by creating social media pages for his organization to raise awareness about missing people. He also provides useful tips through videos for people who may become lost and need help.

To learn more about Steve Jones’ Shining Light Search and Rescue organization and the noble work they do, visit their website.

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