Mississippi River Cresting


The  Mississippi River at Vicksburg is cresting today at almost 50 feet, which is 7 feet above flood stage.  The river has been above flood stage for most of 2019 exacerbating the situation in the Yazoo Backwater.  The Great Backwater Flood of 2019 has been ongoing for 93 days.  Eagle Lake and all the surrounding homes and roads are in danger of vanishing.

The waters are projected to stay at 50 feet for 5 days or so.  They will then begin a slow drop to 46 feet over the next three weeks.  The impact on the already flooded backwater will be minimal.  Indications are the Great Backwater Flood of 2019 will continue to inundate 540,000 acres in the South Delta for the foreseeable future. Some projections have the Backwater underwater for most of the summer months.

Valley Park is the latest victim of the flood.  Efforts to save several homes there were valiant and attracted helpers from all over the state to the area.  Sadly it appears to be all for naught.

Farmer Billy Whitten posted pictures today on social media of his house taking water.  He is anticipating another foot or more of flood waters in the area.

The Great Backwater Flood of 2019 has caused historically high amounts of water to pool in the Yazoo Basin.  Since the Great Flood of 1927, the federal government has completed several projects to move the water in the Delta to Steele Bayou.  Pumps were supposed to have been built at Steele Bayou to pump the water out of the basin and into the Yazoo River eventually flowing to the Mississippi River.

The pumps were never installed.

Since the Steele Bayou control structure was completed in 1969, the surrounding areas have flooded on a regular basis.

This year’s flood has renewed the efforts to have the pumps installed.