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Mississippi’s Energy Policy Successful, State Earns Top Ranking For Oil And Gas Investment



on . The ranking recognized the state’s success in developing new energy projects, including KiOr Inc., and Gulf LNG, as well as the improvement and expansion of facilities and pipelines, such as Denbury Resources Inc., and Chevron’s $1 billion investment. “We work hard to be seen as a state that is pro-job creation, politically stable, with low taxes and a predictable regulatory structure,” Gov. Barbour said today. “That kind of environment attracts all businesses, including energy companies. I’m pleased the Fraser Institute recognizes the progress we’re making.” Long-term economic development and job creation are dependent on a thriving energy sector, Gov. Barbour said. “We believe companies considering Mississippi as a location will not only ask about energy, ‘What does it cost?’ We believe they will ask ‘how can we get it?’” Gov. Barbour said. “So, we are working to be seen as a reliable energy state with an abundance of affordable, American energy of all types.”]]]]> ]]>

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