Missy Gators fell short of a victory in slugfest against Yazoo County


A slugfest took place between Vicksburg High and Yazoo County Wednesday night, with the Missy Gators losing 15-10 in their season opener.

Yazoo quickly took a 2-0 lead until Trinity McGloster and Kellisia Walker both got big hits. Soon after, Lexi Kistler hit a long one that put two on the board for VHS.

VHS found themselves behind 4-2 in the second inning, but Walker came in clutch with a RBI. Kistler hit one to the right that lead to Walker scoring and tying the game at four.

Kellisia Walker
Kellisia Walker (Photo by Keith Phillips)

VHS coach Brian Ellis switched pitchers midway, with Lili Kistler taking over things on the rubber.

The Missy Gators were down 5-4 late in the third inning until they scored off of an error. Jordan Grace stole a couple bases and eventually got a run score after McGloster hit one to the right to put VHS up 6-5.

Early in the fourth, Yazoo got multiple hits and run scores and went up 9-5. Between Kistler scoring and a RBI by Avery VanNorman, along with a couple of more scores, VHS tied things at nine.

The Missy Gators would score one more time when Vijae Flaggs hit a hard one which led to VHS going up 10-9.

Late in the game, Yazoo made some big hits and took over the match which led VHS to fall 14-10.

The Missy Gators will play again on Tuesday when they host Loyd Star.