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Mom sells 11-year-old daughter for sex in Warren County; two brothers convicted



Benny Cosby and Hyman Coaby
Benny Cosby and Hyman Cosby being taken away: Photo by Keith Phillips

Two Vicksburg brothers were convicted on two counts of sexual battery in Warren County Circuit Court.

A jury found Hyman and Benny Cosby guilty of sexually abusing a child who was 11 years old at the time. It took the jury just a little over 30 minutes to return with a guilty verdict.

Assistant District Attorney Branan Southerland prosecuted the case with Assistant DA Liem Walker assisting.

Unspeakable things

During the three-day trial, Southerland and Walker produced evidence that the child’s mother was trafficking her 11-year-old daughter for drug money. The father of the child testified that his daughter left him a note explaining that her mother let the Cosby brothers perform oral sex on her when she was 11 and 12 years old. The father also testified that his wife(the victim’s mom) was strung out on drugs and he had her committed at one time.

The victim took the stand to explain some of the events that happened. She broke out in tears more than once as she had to explain that both Benny and Hyman Cosby performed sexual acts on her, including penetrating her with their fingers.

The mother of the victim, who has already pleaded guilty to trafficking her daughter, also took the stand and admitted that she let the two men perform oral sex on her child for $40.00 each. She used the money to pay off her dealer.

“If I’m getting in trouble, they need to get in trouble too”

“If I’m getting in trouble they need to get in trouble too,” the mother said.“I didn’t touch her they touched her.”

A video of the victim at the Child Advocacy Center was also played in court along with testimonies from Lieutenant Stacy Rollison and the brother of the victim.

Both Cosby brothers also took the stand and mentioned that they were propositioned by the mother to have oral sex with her child. They both claimed that they denied the offer and that they are known for helping people in the community.

Hyman Cosby

Hyman Cosby (WCSO)

While Benny was on the stand, Southerland pointed out that their stories didn’t add up, visibly agitating Benny Cosby.

Benny Cosby on stand

Benny Cosby: Photo by Keith Phillips

They also took photographs

Further investigation revealed that both brothers not only sexually assaulted this child but also took photographs.

Closing arguments were held on Thursday morning where Walker and Southerland went back over the case before the jury returned with guilty verdicts on both brothers.

The Cosby brothers were represented by Jerry Campbell.

Judge James Chaney set their sentencing date for March 14, 2024, where they face a maximum of two life sentences.

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