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Monday YMCA basketball scores



The Giants ymca
The Giants: Photo by Keith Phillips

A few games were played Monday night at the Vicksburg YMCA. Below are the final scores and lead scorers.

Cougars vs. Flashes

The Cougars defeated the Flashes 14-11.

Wesley led the Cougars with six points followed by Williams who scored four. Walker scored six points for the Flashes and Karel scored three.

The Grizzlies vs. the Bears

The Grizzlies defeated the Bears 10-4.

Henry Bennett scored six points while Natalie Bennett and Callum Ross both scored two. Millie Ruth Thompson and Leiram Diaz both scored two points for the Bears.

The Black Bears vs. the Gators

The Black Bears won 6-4 against the Gators.

Harlem scored three points and London put up two points for the Black Bears. Taylor-Grace Mullin scored four points for the Gators.

The Flashes vs the Bears

The Flashes defeated the Bears 22-19.

Henry scored four points and Williams added three. Liza Newman scored eight points for the Flashes while Courtney Anderson, Moore, and Kyleigh scored four.

The Giants vs the Jaguars

The Giants defeated the Jaguars 23-17.

Pharrah  Movoy led the Giants with 11 points followed by  Kyla Sloan who put up seven. Lauren Brown scored 13 for the Jaguars and Aalaysha Neal scored 2.

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