Moore: ‘Someone could’ve got killed’ over ‘foolishness’


Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore is urging citizens to lock their cars and keep weapons and other valuables out of sight. As the weather warms and schools are out, crime can spike simply because kids are bored.

Moore responded to a call Monday that three juveniles were breaking into cars at a nearby parking garage. When he got to the scene, the teenagers ran, and his extensive training kicked in. He began chasing one of them.

“As I was chasing him he tripped and fell, and two guns came out of his pocket, and one gun accidentally discharged when it hit the pavement,” Moore told WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter. “It’s very heartbreaking for a child to be out committing such crimes. Someone could’ve got killed. Someone could have really gotten killed over some foolishness.”

The chief said he was thankful he was the one to respond, because the incident could have ended in tragedy.

“It could have been a rookie, somebody fresh out of the academy not knowing how to react,” Moore said, adding, “Thank God I was there to handle the situation, and no one got hurt.”

The incident highlights the need for locking firearms where a bored kid can’t steal them.

“We’re not telling anyone they can’t own a firearm, but be more responsible,” Moore continued. “Lock up your firearms. Lock your car doors.”

One of the guns Moore recovered from the shooting mishap was reported as stolen. The teen will be charged with possession of a stolen firearm, and he faces time behind bars.

(Information from WJTV.)