MRG gas customers are experiencing massively higher bills


Some Mississippi River Gas customers have recently been caught off guard by gas bills that are, in some cases, 10 times higher than the prior month.

For Vicksburg residents on fixed incomes, the increase is threatening with one resident, who asked not to be identified, saying they are going to have to cut back on Christmas and cut the heat way down in their house.

MRG issued letters to customers citing a potential higher usage in gas which may have resulted in a higher than average bill.

The letter states that customer bills may have been affected by gas prices more than doubling since last winter, a colder than normal November and possible reading errors which may have occurred the month prior.

(Submitted photo)

A payment plan is offered by the company for those “whose bills meet certain criteria”.  While that may be a relief for some customers, others are concerned for the extra costs this winter may bring.