The much-anticipated musical “Dogfight” is set to premiere tonight at Brooks Theatre on the Hinds CC Raymond Campus. Presented by the talented Lendon Players, the production promises an emotional journey through a tale of compassion and camaraderie against the backdrop of November 1963.

Running from April 16 to April 19, the musical will feature four evening performances, offering attendees ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the poignant narrative crafted by the renowned playwrights.

“Dogfight” dives into the lives of three young Marines on the cusp of deployment to Vietnam. As they embark on what they anticipate to be their final night of revelry before facing the horrors of war, one Marine finds himself confronted with the profound impact of an act of cruelty perpetrated against an unsuspecting girl. Through this encounter, he learns the transformative power of compassion, setting the stage for a deeply moving exploration of friendship, redemption, and the human spirit.

There will be four evening performances at Brooks Theatre on the Raymond Campus. Director of Theatre Alison Stafford and Marc Rivet, in his second year as Piano and Music Industry Instructor, will once again team up on the production.

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