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My Journey to Health – Week 12 – UPDATED




As for the inches, I honestly have looked and looked for the file with the original measurements, but can not find it. I am going to continue to search and will post them as soon as I find it, even if it’s in the middle of the week. Don’t hate me too much, I’m broken hearted about it too. I want to know too. I found it! OK, here goes. I lost a grand total of 31 inches! Here is the break down, I lost: Bust: 3 inches High Waist (between waist and bust): 3 inches Waist: 3.5 inches Fat Foll (let’s face it, that’s what it is): 4.25 inches Hips: 2.5 inches Thighs: 2.75 inches Right Arm (bicep): 2.75 inches Left Arm (bicep): 2.75 inches Right Thigh: 2.5 inches Left Thigh: 2.5 inches Girth (from collar bone to base of neck in back): 1.5 inches So, that’s all for this week. Come join us in the gym. You just never know what discoveries you may make about yourself.]]]]> ]]>

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