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My Journey to Health – Week 13




Week 1, I talked about having been on a low-carb diet at one time. I got fantastic results! I looked wonderful and lost a ton of weight super fast. It didn’t bother me that I felt like total crap. Tired, no energy, moody, just to start the list. Then, one guilty pleasure satisfied and it was all gone. As soon as I started incorporating some healthy carbs back into my diet, I blew up. So, this time, I’m putting the pieces all together. I’m eating healthier, exercising, psychologically strengthening myself, and resting. WHAT!? Rest. Yes, rest. It’s very important to your body. This week when I felt a little better, I went to the gym. Stuart talked to me about rest. If your body is trying to use it’s energy to recuperate, and you are stealing that energy to work out you can stay sick longer. Sounds really simple, but my mind gets to thinking that I HAVE to go today. I’ve come too far to let some random minor thing keep me down. But you have to give your body what it needs. If it needs rest, then by all means, give it rest. When you start on your own journey, your web surfing habits may reflect the change too. I have started reading some health articles, a few blogs, and am always searching for new recipes to try. Earlier this week, we published an article about Tara Costa coming on as a spoke person for Anytime Fitness. That led me to her blog. If you didn’t see Tara on The Biggest Loser Season 7, you really missed out. She pulled a car! She has this never give up attitude and an unbreakable spirit. I went to check out her blog. she’s very inspirational and motivational. Go have a look for yourself if you are needing a pick me up. Click here. I hope you all have a great week. Work hard, but rest when you need it. You can not be kind to your body while continuing to beat it up.]]]]> ]]>

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