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My Journey to Health – Week 23




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click here. Since I have been going to the gym and eating better, it has been pretty good. After this week, though, I am miserable, bloated and crampy. The worst part is knowing that I did it to myself! Something has gotta give. This weeks plan is to get my head back into the game. I refuse to live my life in pain cause I gave into some stupid temptation.I guess everybody has setbacks. I’m not beating myself to a bloody pulp, but I think we all deserve a good scolding every now and then. When I was a kid, my Daddy used to say he whipped us once a week, whether we needed it or not, just so we knew he was the boss. Well, this will be my week for that.This is weigh in week too. I didn’t forget that. I stepped on the scale and I know that it wasn’t what it could have been, but it was a loss. I now weigh 225. That is 11 pounds. Slowly but surely. Now, on to the inches!Bust: -1 Chest: -1 Waist: -1 Right Arm: no change Left Arm: -.5 Fat Roll: -1.5 Right Thigh: -.5 Left Thigh: no change Hips: -1 Thighs: -2That makes a grand total of 45.5 inches lost! I feel really good about that. Lots more to go though. But I feel like I am well on my way.I’ll see you guys next week. Until then, I really hope to see you in the gym. We all have to work together toward one goal. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and strong.It’s high time you started your own journey.]]]]> ]]>

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