NBA player Vince Carter announces retirement

NBA player Vince Carter announces retirement


After 22 years of playing basketball in the NBA, Vince Carter has officially announced his retirement.

Carter finished his last season in March with the Atlanta Hawks with a 20-47 record. He made the announcement of his retirement on The Ringer podcast where he also mentioned that the ending was rough.

“If there was any disappointment because of the season — any of that — it was kind of easier to put it aside and handle it that way,” Carter said. “It’s like, OK, it’s something bigger than my career. … It’s unfortunate, but with the coronavirus taking people’s lives rapidly, that’s the big picture in my mind.

“So I was able to put the weird ending — the abrupt stoppage of play, to an ending — aside for the bigger picture.”

Carter played basketball at the University of North Carolina before entering the 1998 NBA Draft where he was the No. 5 pick. He played in eight NBA All-Star Games and was the winner of the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.