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Nearly 28 years later: What really happened to Jacqueline Levitz?



Jacqueline Levitz disappearance
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It’s been nearly three decades since heiress Jacqueline Levitz went missing and the case remains unsolved.

Jacqueline Levitz

The 62-year-old Oak Grove, Louisiana native had recently moved to Vicksburg after the death of her 82-year-old husband Ralph Levitz, the owner of Levitz Furniture.

Jacqueline was last seen on November 18, 1995, shopping at a supply store for her ongoing home renovation. Two days later her brother-in-law was concerned because she failed to answer phone calls from her family so he went to her home looking for her. Upon arriving at the home he noticed the door was unlocked so he entered the home and was horrified at what he saw. It was obvious a violent event occurred. He immediately called the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s investigators’ reports indicated that there was a blood-soaked mattress and broken fingernails. However, expensive items such as expensive fur coats and valuable earrings were still inside the home.

Levitz was ruled deceased in the early 2000s. Still, no remains have been recovered.

Rumors surrounding her disappearance

Levitz has become quite the local legend in Vicksburg due to her strange disappearance and possibly murder. Over the last 27 years, there have been multiple rumors of what happened to her.

Since she lived right on the Mississippi River, one speculation is that someone killed her and dumped her body in the river.

Levitz made a fortune of her own before marrying Ralph by flipping houses where she was worth nearly $4 million, along with inheriting another fortune after her husband’s death – which speculates a possible robbery motive.

Another theory is that she is buried underneath a restaurant in town that was under construction at the time of her death.

One of the most recent rumors is that Levitz has possibly been buried at a gravesite nearby Chickasaw Road. The speculation was raised due to law enforcement being spotted during a search last week.

Case remains unsolved

The chances of solving the disappearance of Levitz grow slimmer as the years go on. Despite a $200,000 reward being offered at one point for information, no one has come forth.

Was it a murder-for-hire? Did someone close to her have her killed? Was it a robbery gone bad?

So many questions surround Levitz’s disappearance, but the only thing new the case has presented is more speculation.

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