New details emerge around Jones County bestiality case

New details emerge around Jones County bestiality case


New information about the circumstances leading to Denise Frazier’s arrest have been released, WLBT reports.

According to WLBT’s report, Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy Regina Newton received information on Tuesday of a woman engaged in sexual activities with a dog. The investigation revealed the identity of the woman in the video as Denise Frazier.

Newton spoke with Frazier after Mirandizing her, according to the affidavit, and Frazier admitted that it was her in the video but stated that she was coerced into it. She also claimed that the incident occurred a year ago in Hattiesburg.

Newton received several additional videos of Frazier having sex with a German Shepherd, according to the document. The videos were obtained from Snapchat, a well-known social media platform. A geocentric location for Myrick, Mississippi, was visible at the top left corner of one of the videos, indicating that Snapchat employs GPS, Wi-Fi, and/or cell tower data to determine the location of a user’s device. Additionally, iCloud-shared photos of the videos revealed that they were captured between February 23 and 28, 2023, over several days.

Denise Frazier was taken into custody on the same day the arrest affidavit was signed, Wednesday, and charged with unnatural intercourse-aggravated cruelty to an animal.

At her initial court hearing on Thursday, Jones County Justice Court Judge Grant Hedgepeth set her bond at $25,000 and instructed her to avoid contact with animals until after her trial.

JCSD disclosed that some of the videos may have been filmed in other counties, and those counties have been informed, indicating that additional charges may be filed. Frazier could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.