The Warren Central Prom is being held tonight at the Vicksburg Convention Center from 8 p.m. until midnight.

The theme is “Night in Rio – Carnival Night.”

Prom is a lifetime memory for most, but it is also one of the nights when teenagers are at risk due to the party environment. Prom night is one of the highest-risk times for teenage drivers. According to, 54% of vehicle deaths involving a teenager occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and 27% of fatal teen motor vehicle accidents happen in April, May, and June, which is during prom season. The biggest danger teens face on prom night is auto accidents, which can be caused by drinking, tiredness, texting, or distraction from friends.

Warren Central, make good decisions and watch your fellow Vikings to help them if they are thinking about driving while they may not be in the right mindset.

wc prom
Warren Central Prom