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No running now, it’s almost game time



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In just a little over 24 hours, Warren Central High School and Vicksburg High School will go head to head on the football field to determine who will have a year’s worth of bragging rights.

The city of Vicksburg has been filled with predictions on who will win the big game. Although the speeches and jokes have been fun to witness, it’ll soon be time to stop talking and let the young men speak for themselves with their actions on the field.

There are several burning questions which has served to keep fans pumped. Can WC’s offense hold up against Vicksburg’s top-notched defense? Will Vicksburg’s offense be able to run through the 11 brothers on Highway 27?

If we take a look at recent history, WC is currently on a ten-year winning streak against VHS, but Vicksburg also went on a five-year winning streak from 2007-2011. The point is, anyone can take this game and it shouldn’t be a shock if WC’s streak continues or if VHS puts an end to the Vikings’ celebration.

The only thing that is for sure on Friday night is that the game is happening and a tough crowd will be present throughout the entire night.

Whatever is said before Friday night means nothing when both teams hit the field.

Messages to the WC and VHS players:

  1. The game doesn’t only represent one year. It represents history.
  2. Do not step on that field unless you’re ready to play a man’s game.
  3. Go hard on every play.
  4. Seniors, they will bring this game up at your 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th class reunion. So give it all you got.
  5. Have fun on the field because everyone’s time is limited.
  6. Most importantly, remember that after the game is over, you’re all from the same city and you’re only in competition with each other for four quarters only. The whole city is behind you so let’s play football guys.
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