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Non-Profit Spotlight: Reaching Out with the Red Cross




HERE.  When you go to the website you’ll be presented with four choices:  Donate only to the Vicksburg Chapter, Where the Need is Greatest, Disaster Relief or Help for Military Members and Their Families.   Make your decision by letting your heart and your faith lead your mouse to the button that feels best! If you can’t donate now, that’s alright.  When you can, and your heart leads you to, just find the link on the left hand side of the screen. As for me, I’ll be donating to the local chapter.  After my conversation with Janice Sawyer, I am glad that she’s there doing what she does and I firmly believe that she’d do it as a volunteer if it weren’t a paid position.  I’m glad that she gets that paycheck, though.  I can’t imagine where we would be if she had a “regular” job to do instead of having that phone by her bedside! Janice, Bevery, Patricia – and the countless volunteers – We, the people of Vicksburg and Warren County (plus those you serve in Claiborne, Issaquena and Sharkey counties) would like to say “THANK YOU!”]]]]> ]]>

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