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Nothing but praise from us



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As we enter day number I’ve-lost-count of this historic event, we are overwhelmed at the action and deeds of the good people in our community.

As a news agency, we have a unique perspective and access to much that the general public never hears.

There are so many heroic efforts going on that it will be impossible to report them all.

Something incredible that might usually go unmentioned is the effort of city and county law enforcement in assisting vulnerable people or those with medical conditions that require medicine or regular care, like dialysis patients.

All-day long, endlessly, the scanner is filled with dispatchers assigning addresses to county and city law enforcement officers to pick someone up that would otherwise not be able to get to warmth and safety. These men and women are working tirelessly and braving hazardous conditions to deliver people in need to the hospital or a shelter or a warm place to get a much needed meal.

All day long. All night long. Without stopping.

We have overheard officers who are nearer the location take the call away from the assigned officer or city/county employee saying “Dispatch, I am at so and so right by there. I’ll take that person.”

When we say law enforcement is there to protect and serve, this is what they mean by the “serve” part.

Sheriff Pace and Chief Moore have been constant voices coming through the scanner speakers directing traffic and assisting people.

We’ve been hearing conversations that include who is going to help the person move their needed personal items and if they can fit someone’s wheelchair or car seats in their car.

We wish everyone could hear it. Even for just a few minutes. You would be in awe and be so thankful for the quality of the people in our community who have selflessly stepped up to serve their fellow citizens.


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