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NRoute struggles with skyrocketing insurance costs, services impacted



NRoute trolly
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NRoute is currently facing a significant insurance hurdle. Their yearly insurance bid arrived at a staggering $500,000, which, according to NRoute’s Executive Director Evelyn Bumpers, is a cost they cannot bear.

As the fiscal year commenced on Oct. 1, NRoute found itself without insurance due to the prohibitive expense. Yet, the transportation service is keen on finding interim solutions. “We were able to get with another agency and they were able to loan us some of their vehicles and insure our drivers on their insurance,” Bumpers explained.

Despite the circumstances, NRoute continues its efforts to serve the community. “We’re getting people to dialysis, we’re getting students to school, we’re getting people to their necessities the best we possibly can until we can get insurance,” said Bumpers.

The root of the problem wasn’t an error on NRoute’s part. Their previous insurance carrier did not renew the policy in place due to leaving the industry. This left NRoute seeking new bids for insurance. The new bid came in right around $500,000, a huge jump from the $84,000 a year NRoute was paying. This challenge has implications beyond just NRoute; Bumpers indicated it’s an issue many are grappling with state-wide.

“Something is going on with the market. Everyone is saying the market is really, really hard for some reason or another, as it relates to the transit industry,” Bumpers elaborated.

In the face of these challenges, Bumpers remains hopeful and committed. “We’re just going to have to slow it down for a minute, get what we need and pray,” she shared.

Due to the insurance dilemma, some routes have been temporarily halted. NRoute has been in contact with the city to share contacts to try to get the situation resolved.

Bumpers urged the community to understand the situation and be patient. “Just be patient with us. We are working as aggressively as we possible can to get the system back up and running,” she said. “We value all our customers and we want to continue to serve them just as quickly as we possibly can.”

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