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The home on Victory Avenue raided on Thursday was a result of months of investigation by the Vicksburg Police Department. A warrant was issued and the home was raided to uncover numerous drugs, weapons and cash valued at around $65,000.

“Just one of many,” said Chief Jones. “There’s a lot of it here, just working on it. It’s going to take a little bit of time. I know people say ‘they are selling so much dope in Vicksburg and they’re not doing anything.’ We get the information, it just takes a little time, especially if you’re doing an investigation and want to prosecute that person. You’ve got to have [the facts] together.”

Chief Jones stated this investigation started soon after she became Chief in July of 2021. “There are many things we are working on, this is just one that has come out. You’re going to be seeing many more things. They just take time.”

At around 12:50 p.m. on Thursday, numerous officers with the Vicksburg Police Department arrived to a home in the 3200 block of Victory Avenue. Officers were equipped with shields, protective gear and used a battering ram to enter the home.

Police arrested four individuals in total. One managed to escape but has been identified, according to Investigator Mario Grady. Police recovered over 11 pounds of marijuana valued at $55,000, ecstacy with a street value of about $7000 and cocaine worth about $3500, codeine, along with weapons and around $9,000 in cash. A vehicle was also seized. It is believed the narcotics came from California.

“This is months of investigation due to complaints that was coming to the chief’s office,” stated Grady. “The total amount that we got, approximately, will be about $65,000 in street value.”

drug bust

(Photo by David Day)

More arrests are expected to happen. Grady stated the contents of the cell phones which were recovered were going to get dumped and aid in the investigation.

“It won’t just stop here. There will be more arrests as time goes on,” stated Grady.

The evidence laid out on the table showed that some of the products were cleverly disguised so as to try to not draw attention. Police Chief Penny Jones stated some of the drugs could easily be mistaken for innocent edibles.

drug bust

Some drugs were disguised in bags to try to hide the intent and not draw attention. (Screengrab from live with David Day)

“Some of the things that we have seized – just me as an adult, looking at it, I would actually think that this was something that I could actually take and think it’ll probably be candy or some type of food. So, I definitely want the parents to be aware of what your children are bringing inside of the home,” cautioned Jones.

Drug activity in the area hasn’t escaped the notice of law enforcement. Jones stated the department is aware of what is going on.

“We certainly want the citizens to know that drug activity in Vicksburg is not unknown. We know what’s going on. Eventually you are going to get caught,” warned Jones.

To report drug activity in your area, please contact the Vicksburg Police Department.

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