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Otis Scott sentenced to life in prison without parole for felony child abuse in Warren County



On Friday, Otis Scott was convicted of felony child abuse in Warren County and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

On Mar. 8, a guilty verdict was handed down by the jury in the case of Scott who was accused of abusing his child. The abuse caused the child to suffer from a subdural hematoma, sprained neck and renal hemorrhaging.

Assistant District Attorney Branan Southerland, representing the state, requested a life sentence before Judge James Chaney prior to Scott taking the stand.


Branan Southerland: Photo by Keith Phillips

“Your honor I didn’t do it she did it,” Scott said as he was referring to his co-defendant. When asked if he was saying that his co-defendant was the one who shook the baby, Scott responded by saying “yes sir” and that he had a witness.

Otis Scott

Otis Scott: Photo by Keith Phillips

During the trial, Southerland questioned Scott about why he didn’t report to the authorities earlier that it was the child’s mother who had caused the injuries.

“If you saw that mom shake your baby and you didn’t report it then it’s just as bad as if you’ve done it,” Southerland said. “You already lost your kids, they took them from you on the day you abused them so why didn’t you say it if that’s what happened.”

Scott continued to state he didn’t want to lose his kids, which is why he didn’t speak of that matter during the trial.

After testimonies from both sides, Judge Chaney ordered Scott to serve a life sentence.

Ottis Scott trial

Judge James Chaney: Photo by Keith Phillips

“I sentence the defendant to life in prison of the Mississippi Department of Corrections and that will be the order of the court,” Chaney said.

Due to his previous convictions of two crimes, Scott was charged as a habitual offender.

Assistant DA Liem Walker and investigator Chris Satcher assisted Southerland by reviewing over 5,000 pages of medical records before the trial. Jerry Campbell represented Scott.


Assistant DA Liem Walker and Assistant DA Branan Southerland: Photo by Keith Phillips

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