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Our Southern Souls: We challenge other kids to raise money to help stray animals



our southern souls stray animals

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“Mama calls us Irish twins because we were born less than a year apart. We are nine turning ten and ten turning eleven. We have wanted to do a lemonade stand since we were little. Our friend Savannah started a bracelet and jewelry stand, and we joined together to raise money for The Haven no-kill animal shelter in Fairhope. We love animals and are always trying to help strays. Our mama taught us three ways to help: give your time, money, or tasks. We decided to raise $50 and made a goal chart to watch our progress.  We sold lemonade, jewelry, art, and cookies that we made. Our first customer gave us $20 because she bought three of everything. We raised $53 that afternoon. We will have another lemonade stand and give that money to the Cat Coalition. We want to challenge other kids to have a cookie or lemonade stand and make more than $53 to donate to help stray animals.”

Camille and Addison


Camille, Addison, and Savannah at their lemonade stand. Photo provided by Camille and Addison’s mom, Kelly Williams.

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