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Outzs shares details about his abduction, shooting and confinement



Mike Outzs
Mike Ouzts in uniform. (Facebook photo)
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A former Vicksburg officer, Mike Outzs, found himself caught in a harrowing ordeal that involved abduction, confinement and a miraculous rescue by a Gulfport police officer.

It all began when Outzs heard a knock on his door one morning at his residence in Vicksburg. Outzs encountered a young man who claimed his truck had broken down and sought assistance. Showing empathy, Outzs agreed to lend a hand and accompanied the stranger to a nearby fast-food restaurant. When he returned home, he realized something was wrong.

“On January 23rd at 7:00 in the morning, I was burglarized, robbed, shot, water boarded and transported off of my property, tied up with tape in my own pickup truck,” Outzs told WXXV.

Forced into the stolen truck, Outzs was hidden on the floorboard with a bag over his head as the suspects, Logan Delena and Blake Menefee, drove off. Their journey ended in Gulfport, where Outzs was forcibly removed from the truck and placed inside a metal building. There, he remained without food or water for four days.

“Monday and Tuesday my mind was good, but Tuesday night… my body I could tell I was shutting down and I knew that I was looking at death Tuesday night,” recalled Outzs.

As the days passed, Outzs began experiencing hallucinations. However, on Thursday afternoon, he heard a voice outside the building. Outzs called out for help, saying, ““I was scared because I didn’t know who it was outside, but I just said ‘I’m an old man and I have fallen down if you can help me.” Luckily, the one who opened the door and found him was Officer John Schwartz with the Gulfport Police Department.

mike outzs officer john schwartz

Mike Outzs (far left) stands beside Officer John Schwartz after being presented with the medal. (submitted photo)

On Thursday, Schwartz received a medal at the Gulfport Police Department for saving the life of retired law enforcement officer Mike Outzs. Officer Schwartz was recognized and greeted by Outzs who was present during the presentation.

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