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Restaurant Review: Palmers Crawfish & Catering



Palmers Crawfish & Catering

Let me tell y’all, if you’re looking for some delicious fried oysters this is the spot!! My mom and I went to Palmers at the outlet mall for lunch, and they did not disappoint! First off, Mrs. Palmer is about as sweet and polite as they come. She welcomed us warmly, walked us through the menu, and had a whole conversation with my son in perfectly articulated gibberish. 

The fries, though…

We ordered a catfish platter and a seafood platter with a side of Palmers sauce. We stepped outside for maybe 4 minutes, and our food was ready. When we got in the car, I tried a french fry, so I could give half of it to my son Jasper. Those fries were as crispy as a white man that passed out at orange beach with no sunscreen. I don’t know how to describe it, but they almost tasted buttery. They weren’t greasy though! They just had a butter flavor that was really enjoyable. I’d go for the fries alone. Jasper gave it a slobbery seal of approval. 

Palmers Crawfish & Catering
Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson

We got to the house, and I tore into my plate. It smelled too good, so I forgot to take a picture first. I got some baked potato salad on the side, because in my opinion coleslaw is the real devil’s lettuce. My catfish was hot and crispy, and paired nicely with the Palmers sauce. My baked potato salad was loaded with flavor and very filling. The shrimp was cooked just right, and they were HUGE! I loved that they didn’t have the tails too. I definitely would’ve choked with how quick I was eating that shrimp. The real star of the show was the fried oysters, though. They were so big and juicy. I don’t even like fried oysters 🦪! They were crispy, juicy, and didn’t have that marrow-y texture that a lot of oyster has. 

I was so impressed with Palmers!! I can’t wait to see this business thrive! Thank y’all!!

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