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Parents arrested after severely neglecting 10-year-old son found wandering neighborhood



Tyler and Krista Schindley

(Griffin, Georgia) – Tyler and Krista Schindley have been taken into custody by the police in Griffin, Georgia, following the discovery of their 10-year-old son wandering in the neighborhood, as reported by WANF.

Concerned residents contacted the authorities on Friday after spotting the lost boy. When the officers arrived, the child explained that he was hungry and heading to a nearby Kroger store to find food. He pleaded with the officers not to send him back.

Describing the boy as thin, with discolored skin and visible injuries, the police immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital. Medical evaluations revealed an alarmingly low heart rate.

The Schindleys now face a range of charges, including second-degree attempted homicide, attempted malice murder, and multiple degrees of cruelty to children, battery, simple battery, and false imprisonment.

According to the affidavit, Tyler and Krista Schindley intentionally deprived their son of food and confined him to his bedroom for extended periods on multiple occasions. The affidavit further states that the abuse took place in the presence of other minors in the household, resulting in dental injuries and disfiguration. The authorities confirmed that five children were living in the home.

Fortunately, the 10-year-old boy is currently alive, in stable condition, and receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

During a court hearing on Monday, the judge denied bail for both parents. They are presently being held in the Spalding County Jail.

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