Residents at Parkwood South Apartments quickly extinguish fire ahead of first responders


Residents at Parkwood South Apartments on Bazinksy Road & Wisconsin Avenue managed to quickly extinguish a fire ahead of first responders.

A fire alarm alerted residents at the apartments to the danger. (Photo by Kelley Branch)

Tuesday afternoon, an audible fire alarm alerted residents to a potentially hazardous situation.

Early reports state a painter’s tarp in a vacant apartment building caught fire which prompted a response from not only first responders, but from the residents.

Residents were able to quell the flames ahead of first responders. (Photo by Kelley Branch)

The residents were able to extinguish the flames by the time first responders arrived to the scene.

No damage to the structure or injuries were reported. The apartment building accumulated smoke and was fanned out.

Engine 8 is remaining at the location to investigate the cause of the blaze.