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Pastor Robert Sanders: the powerful impact of a faithful man



Pastor Robert Sanders
Pastor Robert Sanders
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We think a hero is someone who saves someone from a burning building or stops someone from robbing a store, and they are. Those types of heroes are few and far between. The real heroes in our communities are the ones who turn up everyday and do the right thing without much recognition.

I want to talk about a local hero who has done some remarkable things here in his town of Vicksburg. I am speaking of Pastor Robert Sanders. In fact he wears many hats. Apostle, Pastor, veteran, Chaplain, husband, father, he has been a successful realtor, a tv host, Vice-President of the Board at River City Rescue Mission and finally President and founder of Jubilee Revival Ministries.

My first encounter with Pastor Sanders was four years ago as I was just coming to the River City Rescue Mission. He has been Chaplain as long as Earnie Hall has been director and together they have been force for good and touched so many lives in Vicksburg. I am one of them.

Pastor Sanders walks humbly through the mission practicing and teaching a consistent message of the power of the GOD’s word. He is quiet and unassuming until you get him behind a lectern or up in front of a class. There is a consistent message he preaches and three words sum it better than I can. Root, Shoot, and Fruit.

With those three words he has helped thousands of men restore their lives through the power of GOD’s word. He has helped men beat addiction, helped restore them to their families, and put them on a path where they can support themselves.

I have witnessed this man pay for glasses, doctors visits, medication, utility bills for dozens of men struggling to right their life with no recognition. He has expressed his faith and lived his faith by serving our community and seeking very little in return.

In my years at the mission I heard Earnie Hall, the Director, say a million times what a dependable and valued friend and teacher Pastor Sanders has been to the mission and as well as to Earnie. Dr. Bob Ford, President of River City Rescue Mission and local Pastor, when asked what Pastor Sanders means to the mission and Vicksburg replied, “He is such a constant prayer warrior and a teacher who models Jesus to the men and community.”

When speaking with Pastor Lisa Sanders, Pastor Sanders wife of 25 years, she lights up talking about this man of great faith. Pastor Lisa Sanders wants everyone to know of her husband’s great faith and love for everyone not to mention his hopes for their success.

Tim Collins a successful graduate of the mission when asked about how Pastor Sanders changed his life couldn’t say enough. “Pastor Sanders helped put back on my feet by giving me confidence, taking time with me, and showing me GOD’s love. I never would have made it without his love and support.”

I owe a great measure of my peace and success to this man. He is given me his time, his knowledge, he has been patient with me in my errors, and he has loved me when I was unlovable.

Pastor Robert Sanders is a Vicksburg hero. Everyday he gets up does the right thing and lives for making his community better. When you see him at the mission or in the store or even at his church, Jubilee Revival Center, 1201 Grove Street, thank him for helping make our community a better place one person at a time.

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