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PCA’s Tiara Sims and Lawson Selby sign to Meridian CC



PCA signing
Lawson Selby and Tiara Sims: Photo by Keith Phillips

Tiara Sims and Lawson Selby, basketball players at Porter’s Chapel Academy, have signed with Meridian Community College.

PCA signing

Chris Williams, Casey Fisher, Blake Purvis, Lawson Selby and Tiara Sims: Photo by Keith Phillips

Tiara Sims:

Sims started dribbling a basketball in the second grade when her brother, Len Sims, taught her how to play.

PCA signing

Georgia Mitchell, Catina Freeman and Tiara Sims: Photo by Keith Phillips

“He made me have love for the game and he taught me the basics,” Sims said. Guided by Coach Moore and Coach King, Sims played basketball at Vicksburg Junior High and helped the team reach the Little Six Tournament. After that, she joined the freshman team at VHS and contributed to the Missy Gators’ undefeated season and Little Six Championship under the same coaches’ tutelage.

“I think I did pretty well that year and Coach Cable helped me develop more into a point guard,” Sims said.

In her sophomore year, Sims made the decision to transfer to Porter’s Chapel Academy to play under the guidance of head coach Casey Fisher.

PCA signing

Casey Fisher and Tiara Sims: Photo by Keith Phillips

“I became more comfortable and my confidence came up but I feel like I reached my full potential at PCA,” Sims said.

At PCA, Sims formed strong connections not only with head coach Casey Fisher but also with assistant coaches Billy White, DeAndre King, Cookie Johnson, and Chandler Upton.

Throughout her junior and senior years, Sims flourished as one of Warren County’s top point guards, scoring 28 points per game in 2022 and 24 points per game in 2023. She also led the Lady Eagles to the playoffs in each of her three years on the team.

“PCA opened up a lot of doors for me and it helped me grow as a person but basketball as a whole has really influenced my next chapter,” Sims said.

Following a lengthy recruitment process, Sims ultimately felt that Meridian Community College was the right place for her to showcase her talents and contribute to their team.

“When I went on a visit it was very welcoming and they were all kind but most of all I was able to fit in there,” Sims said.

Sims thanked her supporters for all the motivation and help along the way to help jumpstart her amazing athletic career.

“I want to thank my family, friends, teammates, coaches and trainers for getting me ready for this next journey in my life,” Sims said.

Basketball has remained a significant aspect of Sims’ life, and now as a collegiate athlete, she can continue living her dream.

“Basketball is my world and it keeps me going and it will always be a part of me,” Sims said.

Lawson Selby:

Selby also celebrated his big day on Wednesday by signing to Meridian CC.

PCA signing

Marin Sherwin, Ruthie Sikes, Steve Sikes, Cameron Smith, Jenny Jabour, Betsy Selby: Photo by Keith Phillips

Basketball has been a part of Selby’s life since the third grade when his father, Charles Selby, coached his team and taught him the game.

“When won the championship game at the YMCA we all went and ate pizza afterwards and that had to be one of my most favorite basketball memories,” Selby said.

Selby made the junior high team at Warren Central and became a starter for the ninth grade team under head coach Keith Williams. However, by the time his sophomore year rolled around, Selby had transferred to Porter’s Chapel Academy to play under head coach Walter Hallberg IV.

“It was awesome because everyone at PCA welcomed me and it was a smooth transition and everyone at WC supported my decision,” Selby said.

From the moment he stepped on the Eagles’ court, Selby was an instant star who helped lead PCA to deep playoff runs. As a junior, he averaged 12 points per game and helped the Eagles advance to the state tournament.

“I was kinda the co-team leader with Chris Taylor in my first two years and I really enjoyed it all and making it that far was real special,” Selby said.

Just a year later, Selby would be putting up 18 points per game as a team captain under head coach Casey Fisher.

“Being the team captain was really just a label because I had already been in that leadership position,” Selby said.

Selby faced a hardship shortly after the first game of his senior year when his father passed away.

PCA signing

Lawson and Charles Selby: Photo by Keith Phillips

“I struggled for the first three or four games but I knew my guys were depending on me and I realized it was bigger than me so I got through that and came to terms with it, Selby said.

Although that was a big setback, he still managed to dominate and become the lead scorer in Warren County in the 2022-2023 season.

The Eagles would return to the state tournament with the help of Selby who had multiple big-game performances.

Selby had a strong support system throughout the years who he graciously thanked.

“I want to thank God of course, and Coach Hallberg because he was my original coach,” Selby said. I also want to thank Coach Fisher because he really pushed me in the direction of Meridian and I also want to thank my family and friends.”

PCA signing

Walter Hallberg IV, Casey Fisher and Lawson Selby: Photo by Keith Phillips

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