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Peacock makes Big Fun with balloons



Peacock big fun balloons
Debbie Peacock of Big Fun balloons having big fun in a sea of balloons. Photo by David Day

Renaissance woman Debbie Peacock has taken a passion and turned it into a booming business.

Peacock is the person behind all those amazing balloon displays you’ve been seeing around town, including the ones at the Jester’s Ball last week.

peacock big fun balloons

One of Peacock’s displays at the Jester’s Ball last week.

Peacock started doing the balloons for her granddaughter’s party at the end of last August. She had the stuff shipped there and, “I had never done that before. So I got up at 4 o’clock that morning of the party and I was YouTubing. Watching all these videos and I was like, we’re going to do this! That was the first one, and it was very simple.”

It turns out she found a new passion, “I loved it! It was so much fun. Look, I was in Medicare for 30 years, this is fun and creative!” chuckled Peacock.

peacock big fun balloons

Some of the supplies Debbie Peacock was working on. Photo by David Day

“I was on the fence, I couldn’t decide if this was going to be a hobby or a business. So I said if I survive the convention center; that was like, 3000 balloons for the Jester’s Ball. If I can survive this, I will venture out. So this is me, venturing out!” said the energetic Debbie Peacock.

Big Fun is the company name she is using for her newfound passion. “I’m up all night now watching balloon videos trying to find new ideas and ways to do things. I’m a little bit obsessed. But I’m watching because I want to make my balloon displays special.”

As we spoke with Peacock, she was building a Mardi Gras balloon wall for a private event.

peacock big fun balloons

This 6-foot wall Mardis Gras wall for a private party.

Peacock’s new passion is available for parties and special events. If you think balloons will be right for your event, you can contact Peacock of Big Fun at 601-415-7822




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